National Library Week 2021: Welcome to your library!


National Library Week 2021 Display


Celebrate National Library Week with Leeward Library! Like many other libraries across the world, Leeward Library has adjusted our operations in response to COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped connecting you to the resources you need to learn, enjoy, and ultimately succeed!

Asian Voices…

Recently, there has been a widespread acknowledgment of violent acts occurring against Asian communities across the United States. Leeward Library would like to take this opportunity to affirm our commitment to uplifting local and Asian community voices as a reminder that libraries continue to allow us to feel represented and accepted.

In conjunction with National Library Week and Asian Heritage Month in May, we take this moment to showcase stories by and of Asian voices in the hope that it encourages you to engage and create your own stories, and share them in solidarity, awareness, and compassion with one another. Welcome To Your Library, where we hope you will feel seen and safe in your learning.

Please visit our National Library Week Activities page for a selection of Asian Voices reads, informative articles and videos, and other National Library Week activities!

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