July 1, 2022
by Ralph Toyama
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Updates to MLA Citation Style

As mentioned in the recent post about MLA Handbook Plus, the Modern Language Association’s citation style is largely the same in the recently published 9th edition of the MLA Handbook as it was in the 8th edition. These are some of the differences.

  • The Contributors element, formerly called Other Contributors, has been expanded to include key contributors like film directors, music conductors, and if citing a live performance, groups like dance companies and choirs. (5.38-5.47)

  • URLs that run three full lines or longer should be truncated. (5.96)

  • A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) should be presented as a URL starting with “”. This is also how the APA citation style now presents DOIs in the current 7th edition of their publication manual. (5.93)

    • MLA 8th:   doi:10.1632/ORIW5168
    • MLA 9th:
  • With MLA 8th, the words University and Press in the names of academic presses should be abbreviated as U and P, e.g., U of Hawaiʻi P. With MLA 9th, if the publisher’s name does not include the word University, Press should be spelled out. (5.65)

    • MLA 8th:   Belknap P
    • MLA 9th:   Belknap Press
  • When presenting variant forms of an author’s name, (e.g., an author’s real name for a work published under a pseudonym), use square brackets instead of parentheses. The expanded guidance in the 9th ed. gives you some latitude in presenting the information in a way that you feel is most helpful to the reader. (5.14)

    • MLA 8th:Bachman, Richard (Stephen King)
    • MLA 9th:Bachman, Richard [Stephen King]
      Stephen King [published as Richard Bachman]
  • When citing a social media post, MLA 8th had you use the author’s online handle as the author name, with the author’s real name in parentheses. MLA 9th calls for using the real name, followed by the online handle in square brackets. The online handle can be omitted if it’s similar to the real name and a URL to the post is given. (5.16)

    • MLA 8th:   @GrammarGirl (Mignon Fogarty)
    • MLA 9th:   Fogarty, Mignon [@GrammarGirl]
  • When a publication date includes a season, the season is not capitalized. The rationale is to bring this guidance in line with the practice of not capitalizing seasons in prose. (5.79)

    • MLA 8th:   Spring 2022
    • MLA 9th:   spring 2022
  • “Optional Elements” are now called “Supplemental Elements”, because there are cases in which these elements are required to supply necessary clarifying information. This could be information like a date of access for a source that has been altered or removed. Or an indication of the medium of publication might be needed if multiple forms of a work are available from the same place, such as a web page with both an audio clip and a transcript of that audio. (5.105-5.119)

Sources: MLA Handbook, 8th and 9th eds., Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 7th ed.

Newly available digital resource: “Noho Hewa- The Wrongful Occupation of Hawaiʻi”

February 11, 2022 by aapaikai | 0 comments


The 2009 documentary film “Noho Hewa- The Wrongful Occupation of Hawaiʻi” is now available to watch digitally for Leeward affiliated students, faculty, and staff!


The film received the 2008  Hawaiʻi International Film Festival’s “Best Documentary Film” award, which was presented to filmmaker Anne Keala Kelly. It is hailed as a bold demonstration of the strained relationship between Native Hawaiian communities and the oppressive entities that occupy Hawaiʻi. The film contains interviews with renowned scholars including the late Haunani-Kay Trask, Noenoe Silva, Kaleikoa Kaʻeo, Jonathan Osorio, Ty Kāwika Tengan, and J. Kēhaulani Kauanui.  For more information on the film please visit:


The film can be found on the digital media platform Academic Video Online (AVON) which can be found via the Leeward Library‘s A-Z database list. We also carry the DVD hard copy version of the film which can be borrowed by any UH affiliated student, faculty or staff member.


If you are interested in incorporating the digital version of “Noho Hewa” into your courses, you can use the direct link or embed it straight into your Laulima course site. Both the link and the embed code can be found by clicking “share” along the top of your screen when you access the film in AVON. The direct link can be found below:



Helpful tips:


  • If you are having trouble linking library database materials please visit our “Linking to Articles, E-books, and Videos” library guide.
  • Digital access rights for this film are only for Leeward affiliated users. To view the film off campus you and your students will need to use your UH username and password to access it.

Lastly, if you would like to suggest other Hawaiʻi or Pacific related resources to add to our library Hawaiʻi-Pacific Collection, please contact Annemarie Paikai at


OverDrive Classics Collection

October 8, 2021 by Cheryl | 0 comments

You’re probably familiar with OverDrive, Leeward’s digital resource for popular fiction, non-fiction, audiobooks, and magazines. Now, old things have become new again with the addition of the Classics collection! These are public domain titles selected from Project Gutenberg’s vast library. There is no limit to the number of simultaneous users for these titles.

Sample titles in the OverDrive Classics collection.

To view the collection, access OverDrive Digital Collection from our A-Z Databases page, click on the Collections drop-down menu, and select Classics.

Click on the Collections drop down menu and select Classics

It’s easy to borrow books in OverDrive. Simply click on the Borrow button and log in with your UH credentials when prompted. You may read your chosen title right in your browser.

Click on the Borrow button to check out a book.

Change the text size, background, and font to suit your taste.

Text size, background, and font are customizable.

The book will be returned automatically in 14 days, although you may renew it or return it early if you wish.

At any time, you may view your loans by clicking on the My account dropdown and selecting Loans. You may have up to 10 books checked out. Magazines do not count toward checkout limits.

To see your loans, click on the My account dropdown menu and select Loans.

If you can’t find the classic title you want, please feel free to submit a suggestion and we will see if we can find it.

New Best Sellers: September 7, 2021

September 8, 2021 by An | 0 comments

Best Sellers Collection

Click on the book’s image to view more information.

World travel : an irreverent guide This close to okay : a novel Shallow waters : a novel The paper daughters of Chinatown

The other black girl : a novel How beautiful we were : a novel Filthy animals

Best Sellers are restricted to Leeward CC patrons. Contact the circulation staff (x210 or if you would like to place a hold on any of these books.

Browse our new books & current book displays virtually at!

New Best Sellers: August 10

August 10, 2021 by An | 0 comments

Best Sellers Collection

Click on the book’s image to view more information.

The son of good fortune The personal librarian Surviving the white gaze : a memoir She who became the sun

Like a love story Libertie Klara and the sun The betrayed

Best Sellers are restricted to Leeward CC patrons. Contact the circulation staff (x210 or if you would like to place a hold on any of these books.

Browse our new books & current book displays virtually at!

New Best Sellers: July 13

July 14, 2021 by An | 0 comments

Best Sellers Collection

Click on the book’s image to view more information.

Billie Eilish Pale : a novel Animal : a novel Starling days : a novel

The legend of Auntie Po Exciting times : a novel The lost Book of the White  Dear Senthuran : a Black spirit memoir

Best Sellers are restricted to Leeward CC patrons. Contact the circulation staff (x210 or if you would like to place a hold on any of these books.

Browse our new books & current book displays virtually at!

OverDrive Magazines

May 11, 2021 by Cheryl | 0 comments

You already know (and hopefully love) our OverDrive Digital Collection for its great selection of popular fiction and non-fiction ebooks.  Now, it’s even better with the addition of more than 3,000 magazines!  This multi-subject collection includes popular titles such as The New Yorker, The Economist, and National Geographic.  
Screenshot of OverDrive Magazines home page

Many non-English language titles are also available, with a significant number in French, Spanish, Chinese, German, and Japanese.

Screenshot of OverDrive magazines in French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese

Ready to read?  Access the magazines from our A-Z Databases page via the OverDrive Magazines link, or through the main OverDrive Digital Collection link.  Several popular subjects are displayed on the front page, but you may view all of them by selecting the Subjects tab:

Screenshot showing OverDrive Subjects tab highlighted

To search for magazines in a particular language, use the Language filter in the left sidebar:

Screenshot showing the Language filter applied

To read a magazine, click on the cover image.  Then you may borrow it, or select a different issue.  Up to 3 years of back issues may be available, depending on the title.  You may be prompted to log in with your UH username and password.

Screenshot of OverDrive magazine borrowing process

Now you may enjoy reading your magazine in your computer browser!  It will be checked out to you for 14 days, then automatically returned.  We are allowed unlimited simultaneous users, so go ahead and borrow as many as you like!  And while you’re in OverDrive, be sure to check out our newest ebooks and audiobooks!  Happy reading!

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