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New Library Website Address


The library’s website has a new, more intuitive address: library.leeward.hawaii.edu. Easier to communicate and easier to remember, this new address aims to make it easier for students to find our vast array of research databases, physical and online collections, instructional materials, and services.

The new address is also the new domain name for our LibGuides site, which hosts our collection of librarian-created research and course guides, and other information about library services and events. To ensure uninterrupted access to any LibGuides page that you have previously linked to in your bookmarks, course assignments, and Laulima sites, we ask that you update any link using the old domain name “guides.leeward.hawaii.edu” to the current name “library.leeward.hawaii.edu”. Simply replace the word “guides” with “library”; the rest of the URL will remain unchanged. Links with the old domain name will stop working in the coming months.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated as we work to improve access to our online resources.

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