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RFID’ing in the Library: UPDATE

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28,802 books have been RFID tagged as of Monday, February 27th. Our project is a little over 60% completed! 

The library is implementing a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) theft detection system for materials. In September, library staff and librarians began the conversion process, which involves pulling books off the shelves and affixing RFID tags to each book. Each RFID tag is encoded with a book’s barcode number, format type, and the library’s unique OCLC code. Tagged books are then returned to the shelf. With over 46,000 individual books in our collection, we estimate that the conversion process will be completed in the late spring or summer of 2023. For more information about this project, please read our RFID Conversion Project blog post.



Closed Friday, March 3rd, for HISSI

We will be closed Friday, March 3rd, for HISSI. A few presentations the Learning Commons & Library staff are offering: 

  • Beyond Textbook Savings: A Panel on the Intersections of Open Education and Social Justice – Presented by Karen Cangialosi, Rebecca Vasquez Ortiz, Sheryl Shook, Ashley Biddle, and Wayde Oshiro
  • Cross-campus Meeting: Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Taskforce – Presented by Tasha Williams Moses, Syreeta Washington, and Piʻikea Hardy-Kahaleoumi
  • Cultivating an Equity-minded Culture at the Leeward CC Learning Commons and Library – Presented by Annemarie Paikai, Wayde Oshiro, and An Hollowell
  • Making OER Count in Tenure and Promotion: Resources to Support Your Efforts – Presented by Carina Chernisky, Junie Hayashi, Soledad Lencinas, and Jason Yamashita
  • Making OER Count in Tenure and Promotion: Your Colleagues Share Their Real-World Experiences – Presented by Daniela Dutra Elliott, Thomas Scheiding, I-Chia Shih, Carina Chernisky, Junie Hayashi, Soledad Lencinas, and Jason Yamashita
  • OER Special Topics Session – Presented by Wayde Oshiro and Sunny Pai
  • Plagiarism?! Four Perspectives – Presented by Donald Carreira Ching, Anika Gearhart-Edwards, Tasha Williams Moses, and Michelle Igarashi
  • Right Foot Forward: Applying Lessons from Dance to Help Us in Life and Work – Presented by Kale Kingsbury

Check the program for times and locations



The Nikkei Incarceration: A Reflection in Documents and Images

Learning Commons & Library display coming soon!

Dates: March 6-17
Location: Learning Commons Entry Display

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