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We still have a Microfilm Collection. Why is that?



Microfilm is among the most durable storage media for physical records and it can withstand many environmental impacts better and longer than paper. If stored properly, microfilm has a shelf life of about 500 years.

Did you know Leeward CC Library has a microfilm collection of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin (January 1929 – September 2007)* and the Honolulu Advertiser (January 1929 – November 2005)**? Why do we have microfilm if everything is online? Well, in this case, not everything is online and microfilm is the readily accessible medium for accessing this information.

If you need to access our microfilm, please ask one of our reference librarians so they can show you how to locate articles by using the index. The library has a digital microfilm reader called the ScanPro 3000.  We have a handy booklet to learn how to operate the machine. If you need assistance, please see the Circulation Desk staff for help. We hope you will find our microfilm collection useful in researching the history of Hawai’i in the 20th Century!

* Honolulu Star-Bulletin – Gap in coverage from April 1970 – December 1987
** The Honolulu Advertiser – Gap in coverage April 1970 – April 1975 and January 1981 – June 1986

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