Banned Books Week: September 27 – October 2


Celebrate your freedom to read during Banned Books Week: September 27 – October 3!

This year, we have 3 displays:

  1. #BlackLivesMatter #BlackStoriesMatter : BannedBooks
  2. Leeward CC Library’s Most Popular Banned Books
  3. Leeward CC Library’s Challenged Book
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At the beginning of this semester, we created a #BlackLivesMatter #BlackStoriesMatter display to highlight books by Black authors. For Banned Books Week, we identified titles that were on ALA’s Frequently Challenged list and attached “Banned Book” ribbons on their covers.

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We also thought it would be fun to see which Banned Books were frequently checked out at our library!

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And finally, we are sharing our own challenged book story!

For more information about Banned Books Week and our displays, drop by the library or visit our Banned Books Week page at:

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